Sunday 24 June 2018


Some time ago completed a successful Kickstarter campaign for short story comic anthology 'Debris'
"Anyone who's seen Alfie's work will know that this is just quality through and through... Absolutely amazing. Such a consistent book. Tales of the Unexpected on crack."
- Vince Hunt, Awesome Comics Podcast
"A lovely little package... each story gives you a really different flavour."
- Pete Taylor, Comic Arts Podcast
Have been very fortunate to reach out to a high-caliber range of writers, some of whom I've worked with before; Ryan K Lindsay (ETERNAL, NEGATIVE SPACE, BEAUTIFUL CANVAS), Lee Robson (BABBLE, FUTUREQUAKE, ACES WEEKLY), Martin Hayes (ALEISTER CROWLEY: WANDERING THE WASTE, GENTLEMEN GHOULS, ABOMINABLE GLORY) and new creative swinging partner Fraser Campbell (ALEX AUTOMATIC, SLEEPING DOGS, THE EDGE OFF).
Having created all the pencil/ink work within (also colouring and lettering duties, unless otherwise stated), was also extremely fortunate to utilise colourists such as Ellie Wright, Chris O'Halloran, Triona Farrell and letterer Bram Meehan in helping to piece stories and elements together.
Full colour
Perfect bound
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Sketchbook 047

Sketches from an office...