Saturday 29 October 2016

EIR on Kickstarter

Ryan K Lindsay got in touch with me some time ago to see if I was interested in doing an all-ages one-shot comic. Had a read of the script and saw the potential to have a lot of fun on this project. And I was right, it’s been a blast working initially with Ryan then seeing my linework coloured by Triona Farrell.

Having grown up reading kids comics such as the Beano then the Eagle for a bit before moving on to other more adult-orientated stuff and now also seeing my nieces and nephews growing up devouring reading material, really think it’s important that the comics industry as a whole can offer material to younger readers, to get them on the first step of reading comics and getting them potentially (unfortunately) hooked for life and creating the next generation of adult comic buyers and supporters. If it’s just a case of pulling up the ladder and offering only adult/cool/gritty material for knowing older readers then things are just going to wither on the vine. Well, that’s my take on it anyway.

With EIR itself, had a lot of fun creating the character designs and getting to know the character of the little girl Sasha, a perfect balance of strength and vulnerability. To counterpoint Sasha had a blast creating weird and wonderful cosmic creatures and landscapes.

Once linework was finished, myself and Ryan cast the net out to find a suitable colourist. I saw Triona’s work samples on Twitter and thought her fizzing, popping colour palette would be a great fit for the alien environments. She didn’t disappoint, she really took ownership of the job in hand and brought some really strong concepts and ideas to the project. Have to say I’ve really enjoyed seeing my clean black and white linework just completely explode into outer space with her colouring applied. Since working on these pages Triona has powered on to become a full time colourist working at companies such as Boom Studios.

It’s been a real joy working with Ryan. He’s just so diligent and hard-working and seeing how much he gets done around work/family life has been an inspiration. He just keeps mining ideas and coming up with leftfield things that really benefit the project. Great to see gears turning for him when it comes to comics writing in the industry now.

Special mention to Ryan Ferrier who just knocked the lettering out of the gate in practically one pass. Love how he designed the helmet’s speech bubble. It’s just great seeing creative solutions from others that you would never have thought of yourself. The guy’s a real hard working pro.

Along with working on the comic pages themselves, I’ve also done a large amount of other stuff for the Kickstarter project; I created the animated promo video above, page designs for the additional material PDF, artwork for additional material such as pin-up and creator shots as well as design and artwork for other pledge level surprises.

Will also be offering on Kickstarter pledge levels of original pages and original cover/pin up artwork as well as the chance to get your hands on original inked artwork of Sasha as well as original inked artwork of whatever the hell you want.

Further details over on Ryan's site, HERE, HERE and HERE.

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