Saturday 28 January 2012

Call Centre Escape

Here's a first page of a 6-pager I've wrapped up.

It's scripted by David McAtamney, both of us had post-college experience of working in the same barn-like satanic mill call centre in Belfast (although at different times) so demons were being exorcised here in script and art.

And the original pencils...

This is going to go into the next issue of 'Random', which I'll have out for London Comic-Con Expo at the end of May as I've got a table booked in the Comic Village section, looking forward to it!

David's got a music blog 'Weekly Rations' which has some great music mixes and odds and sods, check out his live recording post if you want to hear three grown men descend down the evolutionary chain in real-time through mass alcohol consumption.

This post is dedicated to all people who have worked or do work in call centres.

Saturday 14 January 2012

New Empress Magazine - United Artists

This is recent full-page illustration created for the fourth issue of New Empress magazine.

The brief was to do the line-up of the founders of United Artists production company in 1919 in the style of The Usual Suspects film poster. I dovetailed this with contemporary Art Deco styling and colour palette.