Sunday 10 November 2019

2000AD Art Comp - Thought Bubble 2019

I threw my hat in the ring this year for the 2000AD art competition at Thought Bubble Comic Book Festival in Harrogate.

It was a six page slightly spooky, slightly weird, slightly daft tale that involved drawing a bus, interior and exterior over and over again, so... challenging!

Got to the final judging panel stage where judges Leah Moore, Mike Dowling and Frazer Irving judged and chose a winner to have their art in an upcoming Future Shock.

Didn't make it over the line but was so interesting and enlightening to see so many different styles and problem solving applied to the same material. The winner Robin Henleys pages were a worthy winner; so confident with great strong composition.

Was a bit nerve jangly but really fun to be a part of. Below are the final pages (with clumsy lettering applied by moi) and also the pencils...