Wednesday 14 July 2010

No Time For Tears

Below is a book cover I've recently worked on for young adults. It's got action/suspense elements to it so I've attempted to give it a film poster look and feel.

Here's the original hand-drawn ink scan...

Tuesday 13 July 2010


This is a cd mix I created as a birthday present for my brother who works in construction and who channels the spirit of Animal from the Muppets. I designed and created the sleeve to the j-card cd single format.

If you've got Spotify the bulk of the setlist can be found here!

Tuesday 6 July 2010

The Corncrakes - EP designs

The Corncrakes are a folk/indie outfit from Belfast. Their Myspace page can be found here.

As I'm a friend of Helen Mahaffy (vocals/flute) in the band I've done a lot of design/illustration work for them, including the initial logo design and all elements of cd design and illustration for their two EP releases. Their latest EP is 'Lady Dixon's', here's the front cover illustration followed by the interior corncrake illustration.

Here's a shot of the finalised CD...

Also, here's the first EP I worked on over a year ago, 'Willow Tree'...