Saturday 31 December 2011

Stalking Elk Magazine - Mr. Sandman

This is a one-pager I scripted and drew for the latest issue of Stalking Elk magazine. The theme of the issue was 'Dream'. Click to embiggen...

Here's the original pencil work...

Happy New Year y'all!

Saturday 3 December 2011

'i am i' Project

I've recently been involved with a community project which was created and facilitated by Kate Brown.

Initially, children from a range of backgrounds from areas in Co.Donegal, Ireland, were given an opportunity to tell stories that were important to them about their lives. These were transcribed as they were spoken.

Following this, I created and designed picture book page spreads which contained these stories (click to embiggen).

We wanted to bring illustrative elements into the text but not override it, as the children's stories were the main focus. It was decided to drop cap the first letter of each story and through illustration, intertwine elements of the story through it. This was a nod to the ancient Celtic art of illuminated manusrcipts.

Below are a number of individual samples:

The printed artwork was then framed, with three dimensional objects related to the stories placed within.

These are shots from the opening of the exhibit in Ballybofey Library. Co.Donegal on 28th November:

This was a fun and bright and breezy project to work on.

This project was supported by the PEACE III Programme, managed for the Special EU Programmes Body by Donegal County Council and with support in kind through the Donegal Library Service.