Sunday 3 December 2017

The Gentlemen Ghouls - What Is and What Should Never Be


Along with writer Martin Hayes and letterer Bram Meehan, have returned once again to chronicling the macabre adventures of Professor Nathaniel Hawthorne and Mister Simon Bathurst, The Gentlemen Ghouls, alongside Detectives Jack Pike and Paddy Roach.

'What Is and What Should Never Be!' kicks off on December 4th 2017 in Volume 31 of Aces Weekly.

They were last seen in Volume 21 of Aces Weekly and this adventure picks things up not long after that. It's a similar mix of grimy 70s cop work and Hammer-infused hammy hi-jinx with a bit of decadent rock'n'roll guest star shenanigans along the way.

Really enjoy working on this material and hope the fun I had shows in the final pages throughout its seven week run. This time around I added a bit of ink wash to my pages, I'd like to think it helps subtly add a bit of dirt and grime and additional texture to proceedings.


Always a pleasure to work with Martin and Bram. Feel we're into a good groove with this material so hopefully a third outing clicks in to place in time ahead. Watch the skies...

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