Tuesday 27 September 2016

Kickstarter: Latin Drawn & Quartered

South American & Cuban Sketchbook project. 

From the start of May to the end of August 2016 my wife and I threw everything up in the air, pressed the reset button on our lives and went travelling around South America and Cuba. It’s been an experience I’ve been very fortunate to have had, taking in such a range of sights, wildlife, cultures, beliefs, mythologies, everyday lives lived and food and drink.

]From urban sprawls to odd out of the way pagan monuments, it’s been fascinating to realise that wherever you go, decent people are decent people and culturally we all tie back to the same roots of a fascination with the sun, moon and the lengthening of shadows. And maybe the most important realisation: if it can ferment it can get you drunk.

I took a sketchbook with me and along the way, it got battered, bent, damp and nearly ended up at the bottom of the sea but fortunately it got back in one piece. It’s been filled in with pages of impressions, inspirations, in situ sketches and random brain farts which seemingly have nothing to do with the trip. The pages range from very quick loose work to more tightened up pieces.

The pages have been scanned, tidied up and formatted into a nicely designed package. With accompanying notes to shed light on the where, when and why of the illustrations within.

This is my first Kickstarter campaign so have a very modest funding goal and with the way I've priced things I'm going to have a very close race breaking even if this meets it's funding goal and beyond. So, not in this for wealth and fame, just to get it out there. From self-financing my three issues of Charlatan Tales I know it's a serious hit stumping up for printing costs so I hope that there's enough people out there interested in this to see it and support it and help get it out there. All interest and support greatly appreciated.

Special mention to old-timey friend Ciaran McDevitt for supplying the original music that accompanies promo video. Much appreciated.
60 pages
Full colour cover - Perfect bound
Interior pages - B&W/Greyscale

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