Monday 16 March 2015

Zombies Hi: Brain Chompers

Before Christmas I pencilled and inked a 4-page back-up strip for the Uproar Comics flagship title Zombies Hi! issue 12, out now to buy.

The script was written by Glenn Matchett (industrious Northern Ireland-based writer, can be followed on Twitter: @glenn_matchett) and had that old-school 2000AD black satire bite to it I love. Enjoyed doing these pages, wanted to set myself task of producing them relatively quickly so didn't want to get overly precious about level of detail/polish, hopefully I came close to hitting some kind of happy median. Though looking at them now, they've come out a bit on the sparse side and level of quality isn't maintained as much as I'd like throughout.

Below are the final clean Bitmapped inks:

For those of you into the kinky under the bonnet stuff, here's original pencils:


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