Tuesday 29 October 2013

MCM: After the Con Rush

I had a table in the Comic Village section of MCM London Comic-Con at the weekend, this is the fourth time I've had a table at MCM and still getting used to taking in the tidal wave of teenage manga cos-play passions on display.

This time around I got a roller banner up to help synchronise the somewhat shambolic brand that is Alfie Gallagher. Creator not present in shot.

I had a few new prints available, these along with other original work and prints are now available over at my Etsy shop.
Here's a selection of sketches and pieces I created there and then over the weekend...

Also, finally sold out of my print run of first issue of Charlatan Tales. I really tested the long tail theory to breaking point on that one.
As well as having the opportunity to meet and re-meet a lot of good people, I picked up a few bits and pieces. Got my first volume of recently read favourite 'The Bulletproof Coffin' signed by David Hine and got to pick up the second volume 'The Bulletproof Coffin: Disinterred' for a guilt-inducing steal. Also, finally got round to picking up 'Winter's Knight: Day One' by Robert Ball. It's as much a testament to great design as it is to great drawing and storytelling. The playful abstraction in the images really helps the flow and segue between dream and reality, past and present. There's a real sense of creeping dread built up and sustained throughout. Inspiring stuff! 

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