Saturday 23 March 2013

New Empress Magazine - Action v Romance

The latest brief for New Empress magazine was to 'have Arnold Schwarzenneger punching Katherine Heigl' for an article posing the question 'why can't/shouldn't men enjoy rom-coms'.
Obviously wanted to keep image of male actor punching actress as light as possible as was uneasy about it tipping into dodgy waters. Arnie basically drew himself as there's only one AH-NULD but I spent far too long trying to get Kathereine Heigl right and to have a heightened caricature look that would immediately be recognisably 'Heigl-esque'. I just couldn't get a foot hold on any features to ramp up. Have definitely walked away with a firm respect for the work of caricaturists such as Mort Drucker, who would do panel after panel, page after page of instantly recognisable caricatures of famous faces/celebrities for MAD magazine, to the point where you take it for granted.  

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