Monday 28 May 2012

Charlatan Tales

Interior page samples...

I began selling the first issue of new comic material 'Charlatan Tales' in the Comic Village at London ComicCon MCM Expo at the weekend. It contains a number of self-contained stories and is printed in colour and black and white.

Here's a shot of me at the convention (covering up a facial bruise/graze I got from falling off a mate's bike the night before the convention, perfect timing!)...

It can be bought online through Etsy, Ebay and Big Cartel.

It can also be bought in-store at these comic shops:
  • Sub City, 2 Exchequer Street, Dublin 2, Dublin (available from 30/05/12)
  • Orbital Comics, 8 Great Newport Street, London, WC2H 7JA (available from 30/05/12)
  • Mega City Comics, Inverness Street Markets, 18 Inverness Street, Camden Town, London, NW1 7HJ
  • OK Comics, 19 Thornton's Arcade, Briggate, Leeds, LS1 6LQ
  • Gosh!, 1 Berwick Street, London, W1F 0DR
A big thanks to David McAtamney for giving me a fun wee script to work with for one of the tales and also to Stuart Gould at UK Comics Creative for supplying hassle-free printing.


  1. Haha classic Alfie falling off a bike... I would say you should know better but then it is you we're talking about so if you didn't do something daft something would be up in the cosmos!

    Love the comic. Great stories, although I don't think I entirely understand all of them but no matter!

    Keep up the splendid work.

    Helen xx

  2. Sure what's wrong with a bit of incomprehension? Have never labelled myself a writer, just doing things as a vehicle to get drawing, that's why I'm hiring in writers! Hope all's well at the Belmont Yarns factory.