Thursday 26 May 2011

The Corncrakes - Ingo and the Bouncy Castle

I've done EP artwork/layouts for the folk band 'The Corncrakes' before.

Now, they've got a full album release out, Ingo and the Bouncy Castle, which gave me the opportunity to design and illustrate all content for a CD release with a 12-page booklet. This was great to work on as I've always wanted to get the chance to work on something like this from the ground up.

Below is the main artwork, inspired partly by the title track lyrics, created for the release; booklet cover spread, booklet inner spread and back cover artwork:

Here are shots of the final package:

The front and back cover of the jewel case CD.

I jumped at the chance to allude to old-school gatefold sleeve art (albeit in CD dimensions). The front booklet spread continues on into the second and third page of the booklet. Also, the leg of the escape artist at the far right of the inner spread can be seen coming into shot at the far left of the front spread, creating a revolving, carousel effect.

The album is available to buy from their website now and should be available on iTunes soon. So good luck from here on in guys!

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