Thursday 17 November 2016

The Corner of Some Foreign Field

Available to view online, eight-page folk horror creepiness The Corner of Some Foreign Field.

This project came about from myself and Martin Hayes kicking over and back a few things to best maximise our venn diagram of interests and to hopefully create a little story that would engage both of us creatively. I've worked previously with Martin on the Aces Weekly serial 'The Gentlemen Ghouls', had a blast on that and was keen to tinker on something else with him. I threw at him random points such; nature taking over, Swamp Thing Moore/Bissette/Totleben era, rural folk weirdness, Alan Garner, Nicolas Roeg films... All a real scattershot of points. He did sterling work coming up with this tight weird little chiller.

After script and inked linework was completed we were fortunate to get the colouring services of Chris O'Halloran, who did a great job I think of depicting the sharp clear unnnerving quiet of a bright warm sunny day in the countryside. Chris is steaming ahead with professional colouring work with titles for Dynamite etc.

And finally Bram Meehan came along to do final lettering on the project, have worked with him before on Gentlemen Ghouls, he comes in, does tidy, solid professional work with little if any issues raised. All in all the creative team were just great to deal with; diligent, down to earth, hassle-free, job done.

Enjoy this little trip in to folk horror rural weirdness...

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