Tuesday 28 April 2015


Have created this illustrated piece for Belfast-based newly established label Yoshiwara. They're focusing on releases of doom/stoner/metal and just downright esoteric material.

The name is taken from the club featured in Fritz Lang's Metropolis (1927) so the direction was 'do something with art deco feel and if possible throw in something dark/fantastic/satanic'. Had a blast doing this as love Art Nouveau/Art Deco stylings and trappings and intersected with dark, murky stuff just made it all the more fun to work on.

It involved original ink elements such as figures scanned in, then a lot of background/environment stuff built up as vector elements in Illustrator, then colouring and textures applied and tweeked in Photoshop. Haven't really had the time this weather to build anything up in that time-consuming intricate fashion so was nice to get to work this up.

Below is illustration containing the Yoshiwara logo created by Will Broadbent, drummer of band Ogre who do a great line in Sabbath 70s-style heavy doom metal. They've released material through the Yoshiwara label. 

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