Monday 14 July 2014

Beardrock - Charlatan Tales - Review and Interview

I was chuffed to get a really positive review of my 3 anthology-style comics 'Charlatan Tales' over at the BeardRock site. A lot of the reference points and influences assumed and highlighted are uncannily on the money. Also great to get faults/niggles raised to give me some food for thought moving forward. 
The review was followed by artist interview, which was fun to do and to look back and think about what were the big inspirations through the years. Though I feel I let myself ramp up the waffle-factor a bit too much.
The reviewer/interviewer Tony Esmond was a really hassle-free guy to have a correspondence with and he really seems to know his apples when it comes to comics. He can be followed on Twitter @Ezohyez

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