Monday 16 September 2013

 I've finally got round to a complete overhaul, redesign and recalibration over at my main site,
I wanted something that was trimmed down to the essentials and works smoothly across all screens and viewing devices so kept main elements centrally placed and dimensions to work snugly within tablet screens.
I wanted design elements, tabs, backgrounds etc. to work along with pre-existing branding-style design work I did. Initially I created the design below, a clean vector framework with a kaleidoscope of illustrated images all circling around my hand drawn 'AG' signature.
This was then carried through as a banner to be found on this blog and my Facebook page, incorporated into my Twitter account and also utilised in my business card designs.
I carried the neutral grey and faded framework design from the info side of the business cards across to the website as unimposing background elements which wouldn't override the actual work icons and samples.

Finally I have to give a massive thanks to cousin Dermot Cullen who had to carry out far too much massaging to the mangled Frankenstein coding and html page files I created and he also incorporated in the coding for the viewer application. Thanks Dermot!

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