Saturday 31 March 2012

New Empress Magazine - Frankensten v BBFC

The latest issue of New Empress film magazine focuses on silent film and the transition into 'talkies'. All artwork and content for it was created, suitably, in greyscale.

My brief was to 'depict Boris Karloff's 'Frankenstein's Monster' strangling an official from the BBFC', fun!

I decided to turn back the clock with how I created this piece to my pre-computer, pre-Photoshop days, when as a teenager I'd spend hours and hours working on pencilled pieces. It was actually a great experience to go back to that and focus on drawing and drawing alone and not worry about layer actions, digital colouring, texture overlays etc etc

Here's the finished piece (with a few digital tweeks and clean ups):

The original pencil art (A3, bristol board) is for sale over at my Etsy shop:

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